Game rules

The game must be consist of 2 players in each team and when the game is finished you need to upload the result on the result page and the winner team can get their prize after the match. If the player leaves the match with any reasons, the marshal issues the player one penalty and if the player reaches the third penalty, the player will be band from the game for 3 months.

Game Mode

  • Game: Gunfight

  • Game mode: Team Deathmatch

  • Game setup: Default

  • Number of matches: 1

  • Number of rounds: 6 

  • Number of teams: 2

  • Number of players for each match: 4


  • Make sure you have a good internet connection

  • Make sure you have added your PSN or PC number in the event registration form

  • the ticket is not refundable 

  • Make sure you will record the game and take the screenshot from the result page 

  • If you want to complain about the game, you can go to the Reports page and fill out the form.

Prize for the winning team

  • Easy           Prize: S3.50     Participation: £1.99

  • Normal      Prize: S7.00      Participation: £3.99

  • Hard          Prize: S10.00    Participation: £5.99

  • Easy           Prize: S3.00     Participation: £1.99

  • Normal      Prize: S6.00     Participation: £3.99

  • Hard          Prize: S9.00     Participation: £5.99


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